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A chance to share what has heart and meaning through story and song, and be applauded for it.


A Moment In Team Cabaret

A part of the Team Cabaret experience are exercises that help each participant develop a sense of who they are, and what's important to them. One example of these exercises uses a poem format based upon a poem written by the popular artist, Jewel. Participants shape the poem with the stuff of their own lives, and create one-of-a-kind poetic expressions that are then shared within the workshop.Image of a poem from Team Cabaret workshop experience

Image of a future Team Cabaret participantImage of Team Cabaret participant




At the closing cabaret performance the poems, along with photos of each team member, are on display for family and friends to share as part of the entire process of self-discovery and disclosure. These personal expressions shared are cherished by participants and facilitators alike.

To create your own poem write a short phrase based on the following guildelines, beginning each phrase with "I"


Color of hair:
Something you do to take care of yourself:
A feature like your dad's:
A feature like your mom's:
A feature that's not perfect:
Color of your eyes:
Something you do:
Something you used to do:
Something you like to do but may not like later in life:
Something you've done that you regret:
Something you've "sneaked":
Something that's good about you that might change:
Describe one of your features:
Describe a feature other people like:
Something distinctive about your appearance:
Something about you that you think is odd:
Something you like to do now:
Something you used to like to do:
One of your habits:
Something you did that was dishonest:
Something you do as make believe:


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